The Origin

Based in Vale de Madeiro, Mirandela, the farm results from the fusion between two family properties with a long tradition in the exploitation of the land, the Andrade's and Gama's families. After 1989 the farm was carefully restructured and it's an example of supported development and progressive growth in the last few years.

With more than 100 ha of corktree forested areas, and 20 ha of other land uses, the main treasure of the the farm emerges from a modest 48 ha olive grove, with a range of 8000 olive trees, mostly of Cobrançosa variety, in an integrated mode of production (semi-organic), dry farming system and pesticide free.  Following the best practices with great respect to the nature balance turned this farm into a study case for researchers of IPB (University of Bragança) because of its unique high level of biodiversity.

Such dedication results in one of the finest and most exclusive olive oils in the market, rare, pure, intense, full of personality, as the last international awards can prove.

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